About Us

On the mountain height of Israel I will plant it, in order that it may produce boughs and bear fruit, and become a noble cedar. Under it every kind of bird will live; in the shade of its branches will nest winged creatures of every kind.

Ezekiel 17: 23


The Domestic Abuse Working Group (DAWG) was established by the Department for Christian Responsibility & Citizenship of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales in 2008 to look at developing appropriate pastoral responses and advice on issues around domestic abuse for parishes, deaneries, dioceses, school and organisations in the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Members of the Working Group are drawn from the Department's offices and agencies and the National Board of Catholic Women, a consultative body to the Catholic Bishops' Conference. The activity of DAWG is facilitated by the staff of Caritas-Social Action Network; the development of the podcasts and the publication of prayer cards and door stickers has been made possible through a grant from the Day for Life collection. In 2009 the Working Group completed a sample mapping exercise to clarify existing experience and expertise in responding to cases of domestic abuse within the Church.
As a result of this sample mapping the Working Group identified a need to gather together in one place all the existing resources that are available to support pastoral responses and to develop further means of raising awareness. The Working Group have also identified a further need to deepen theological reflection  around domestic abuse. Our logo is based on the image of a cedar tree. Cedars are trees which in their early growth are neither beautiful or mighty. As they grow and over time reach their full potential, they become grand and strong, providing shelter, shade and support. The logo seeks to emphasize the safety and strength that victims of domestic abuse will find in pastoral care informed by the cedar resource. In this sense cedar will become a means of their finding shelter and support.